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3 methods of choosing best website company

Among of Hong Kong web design companies, from freelancers to professional web design companies and even consulting agency, how should you choose the right web design company? You may  pay attention to the following 3 points to determine whether a web design company is right for you!


Experience of web design company

A web design company without extensive experience may ultimately affect your brand impression to customers and trust in your company. Here’s why? Because web design is usually related to the design industry, a good design team can tailor-made for you according to your company’s industry and your brand and what it stand for to convey to your customers. For example: Catering industry are mostly visual-oriented, they will also want to use bolder design presents the restaurant’s style and foods characteristics; Insurance industry uses products or photos to show a reliable,  professional and trustful. The more experience a web design company has and the contact with various websites in different industries, and they can come up with a web design that meets your needs.


Outsourced or its own professional team

Some web design companies are only responsible for the front-end web design, while the back-end programs are outsourced to freelancers or other web design companies. The outsourced website companies usually have cheaper website pricing, but at the same time you may have to bear the risks of communication gaps, problems with each other, and delays in responding.

On the contrary, if the website company has own team to carry out web design and program development, and is managed by the project manager, not only the communication of the web design will be smoother, but the progress of the website production can also be fully controlled. Long-term after-sales service after the completion of the web page launch, such as: backing up web page data, updating website security, and real-time maintenance of website status, etc. Even better, if the website company has a marketing team, it can also plan a marketing-oriented website for you, making your website a good tool for brand marketing.


Is the price of the web design company reasonable?

Some web design companies often advertise with very low price to attract customers. Usually, is more likely to reflect the lack of technical expertise and inexperience of such web design companies.

If the budget is really limited, it is recommend to consider the quality of the web design company first, and then allow it to provide the best service within your budget. For example, when the brand is established, you may just need one page that fits the brand image, Customized website background management system, content management after the website goes online, etc.


The good or bad of a web design company

To sum up, the quality of the web design company can reflect by above point but not limit to these, I hope everyone can find a suitable web design company.

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