IT Support

What TECH MONKEY provides in IT Support?

You don’t need to worry about IT technical problems even if you don’t have your own computer information technology department.

Whether your company needs remote technical support or on-site inspection, hardware procurement replacement to software installation, computer maintenance, network security support or data backup, we will help you solve them one by one.

Why do you need IT Support?

Facing increasingly fierce business competition, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the company’s operating costs have risen, and it is inevitable to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. IT support services and outsourcing services are in line with corporate development strategies.

IT Support Service include

Remote Support

In addition to telephone support and on-site support, our IT Support team will use TeamViewer remote desktop technology to quickly resolve problems. If the problem cannot be solved remotely, priority will be given to on-site support and normal operation will be restored as soon as possible.

Server & Network

We are very concerned about the maintenance of the server. Therefore, in addition to regular on-site maintenance, we also introduce remote monitoring to monitor the operation of the server around the clock to prevent and prepare for problems early.

Backup & Restore

Regular on-site inspections and remote maintenance of the backup status, and the introduction of cloud backup platform maintenance and management services to cooperate with the diversification of backup technologies

Network Security

Regular on-site inspections of the anti-virus system and firewall operation, defense function update status, and remote monitoring are provided. When problems are encountered, our engineers will immediately notify and immediately make emergency support arrangements to minimize the impact.

Computer Repair

Facing sudden computer problems, as long as the customer has a phone call, our engineers will immediately notify and make emergency support arrangements to minimize the impact.

IT Consultant

The technological difficulties faced by customers. Through our professional knowledge and service quality, we provide customers with IT Support and maintenance services. Improve and maintain customer operational efficiency.