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Digitization brings convenience and greatly improves productivity, making files/data become important asset for every company.

But when data files and even hardware are damaged and destroyed, the data cannot be restored, repaired or replaced. This highlights the importance of data backup and data recovery services, and is a strong backing for the continued operation of your company.

Backup solutions

The amount of data that needs to be backed up is relatively small, and the density of backups is low. The easiest and most direct way to back up computer data includes external HDDs, or USB and other equipment. The backup is performed manually. If you fail to maintain the good habit of regular backup, you may loss important data.

You may want to consider Qnap or Synology’s entry-level NAS (network storage device), which can provide remote access and automatic backup capabilities, greatly increasing the density of data backup, and is a security that can be used by individuals or startups. And centralized backup storage solutions.

Companies with 50 employees or less need to store ever-increasing amounts of data. They don’t have professional IT personnel to set up and manage them, but at the same time want to find a backup solution with an affordable budget? The files can be stored in traditional servers or in the cloud.

If you want to provide a sharing or collaboration solution on the backup solution, NAS can simplify your workflow and solve the above troubles. The most important thing is that NAS is easy to use and cost-effective.

For enterprises, it is not enough to only collect, store, and protect data while considering data backup. Enterprises need a new method to manage all data more intelligently to ensure business continuity, reduce risks, and restore data. The strain rate is very important.

For example, using Veeam’s Veeam Availability Suite can manage all cloud, virtual and physical system workloads in the console to achieve real-time monitoring, reporting and alerting, and proactively responding to potential problems. More importantly, any IT service and related applications and data can complete disaster recovery and return to normal within a few seconds.

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