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Network Engineering

Cabling and WiFi

Network cabling engineering is a problem that most companies have to face. Our professional network engineers will strictly select the wiring location for customers to maintain the aesthetics of the office.

One-stop Networking solution

To meet customer needs, we can design, wiring, installation and provide professional advice to help customers determine system requirements, software and hardware upgrades, and system evaluations to establish an efficient and stable computer network system.

Service include

Wired Network

Wired network is the most traditional. The advantage is that it has stable transmission and relatively low price, with speeds ranging from 10MB to 10GB. In network design, we use Cisco CISCO and 3COM's Hub and Switch. The guarantee of network bandwidth and the stability of flow control are essential elements of modern enterprise network engineering.

Wi-Fi Network

The maturity and popularization of wireless network technology are widely used and economical. The advantage is that there is no need for new connection points, new cable engineering, can make good use of space or existing power network to transmit data, regardless of indoor and outdoor can be set up fast and secure access and save you form troubles.